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What are the benefits of a buy-to-let mortgage?


Reliable investment

Investing can be a risky game but at least with property, you have a tangible asset that’s relatively easy to understand once you understand the property industry. Prices generally increase and having a physical asset means that you can maintain it if need be.

Steady source of income

So long as you can find long-term tenants, or at least a steady stream of tenants to inhabit your property, you can rely on your property bringing in money for you every month. This means a predictable source of income for you, especially if rent prices go up.

Low chance of income drop

Tenants signing a contract with your property means that you can predict the pattern of your income and enforcing notice periods to leave the property means that you can arrange for new tenants before an income drop.

Capital growth

Capital growth can be a factor in buy-to-let investments depending on where your property is. As regenerative areas are becoming ever more popular, some properties can become big investments in the long-term.

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