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Arrange a competitive holiday let mortgage


Kick start your dream of owning a holiday home by contacting our experienced brokers to help you arrange a competitively priced holiday let mortgage

Renting out a property for holidays is becoming increasingly appealing for investors mainly because you can usually charge much higher rates than you can for long-term lets, season and location dependant. So, if you’re thinking about realising your dream of renting out a holiday home, the first place to start is to arrange a competitive holiday let mortgage to set you off on the right track. 

What is a holiday let mortgage?

A holiday let mortgage is designed specifically for those wishing to borrow money to finance buying a property that is to be rented out to holidaymakers for short periods of time. While they sound similar, a holiday home or buy to let mortgage is not the same as holiday let mortgages as they are intended for either personal use, or for a long-term rental. 

Like any financial arrangement, holiday let mortgages have certain terms and criteria that need to be met in order for the lender to approve your application. Such terms that you should be aware of, include:

  • The property must be available as a holiday let for a certain number of days a year
  • The lender will likely set a minimum income and rental income requirement 
  • Your holiday let property will need to be considered suitable security 
  • Some lenders limit the number of holiday let properties you can have in your portfolio 
  • A typical deposit is around 25-30% 
  • Most lenders will allow up to four people to apply for the mortgage (though not all will be considered at the affordability test)  

Each lender is different and will therefore have a different set of criteria for their holiday let mortgage arrangements. At FC Funding, our knowledgeable brokers have years of experience and close connections within the industry and will work on your behalf to find you the very best deal for your individual circumstances. 

How to arrange your holiday let mortgage 

Once you’ve decided to invest in the holiday let industry, the first step to the road of success is to set a solid foundation. The best way to do this is to speak to the friendly team at FC Funding, the South’s leading commercial mortgage and finance brokers, to help you arrange a highly competitive deal on your specialist holiday let mortgage. To contact us, simply call 01202 937880 or complete and submit our online contact form and we’ll be in touch soon. 

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