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Business Mortgages

As leading business mortgage brokers, we can help you find the best business mortgage solution to suit your budget and commercial requirements. Whether you require a business mortgage for new premises, warehouse or buy-to-let, we use our close ties with both the UK’s leading high-street banks and more specialist mortgage lenders to find you the right mortgage for your unique situation.

When is a business mortgage required?

A business mortgage allows individuals or companies to purchase or remortgage properties that they plan to use as business premises. As such, business mortgages can vary widely from client to client and are heavily dependent on your industry sector, past business performance and requirements.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to business mortgages, so it is incredibly important that you consult a specialist to ensure you are getting the most favourable terms and covering all the bases.

As experienced business mortgage brokers, we help you achieve your goals, with up to 100% LTV available and guaranteed competitive rates. Call us on 01202 937880 to get started.

Business Mortgages

business mortgages for commercial buildings

What are the benefits of a business mortgage?

Wondering if a business mortgage is the right choice for you? Here are three major benefits:

Tax benefits

The interest attached to your monthly business mortgage repayments is tax-deductible.

More affordable than rental payments

Mortgage repayments cost around the same (and often less) than rental payments. However, choosing the business mortgage option means that you fully own the property at the end of the term – a much better use of your investment money.

Potential for capital gains

With property prices continuing to rise, purchasing a commercial property is an excellent opportunity to make money in future should you ever come to rent or sell. Should you choose the right area, your property could increase significantly in value within just a few years.

Interested in a business mortgage? Contact our team of finance specialists today on 01202 937880 for unrivalled help and advice.

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