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Asset Finance


At FC Funding, our experienced team can help you secure a loan against your existing business assets or raise asset finance to purchase new equipment for your business. Find out more about asset finance and whether it’s right for your business.

What is asset finance?

There are two main types of asset finance: lending that is secured against existing balance sheet assets, and equipment finance.

Asset finance is when a company uses its balance sheet assets as security to borrow money or take out a loan against what they currently own. Balance sheet assets include things like machinery or vehicles.

Asset financing often provides a short-term funding solution, and is useful for expanding your business by purchasing new equipment for it.

Equipment finance is a loan used to procure business equipment, which can include any tangible asset apart from property.

To find out more about asset finance, speak to the FC Funding team today on 01202 937880.

What can be offered as collateral?

Inventory, plant and machinery, equipment or vehicles can all be used as security. For example, a food packaging company may use its equipment and machinery as assets to secure finance against. Typically, the amount loaned will then depend on the value of these assets.

Who is asset finance for?

Asset finance can provide an easy, secure way of getting working capital for your business or to help you secure the purchase of a new piece of machinery or vehicle. For this reason, it’s especially useful for start-ups and growing companies.

While asset finance can help small businesses, it’s still worth seeking advice on the right financing method to suit your business model. Call us on 01202 937880 today for more information.

Benefits of using asset financing

Asset finance is generally easier to obtain and more flexible than traditional bank loans, and most agreements have fixed interest rates. Also, fixed payments simplify how businesses manage their cash flow and budgets. Asset finance is also a very quick way of raising finance for your business, so you don’t miss out on securing the new asset to help your business to grow.

It’s important to mention that failure to pay back your loan carries a risk of losing important assets that are critical to the running of your business.

How FC Funding can help with your asset financing

FC Funding deal with the whole of market and our lenders in the asset finance market include: Lombard, Allica Bank, Close Brothers, Lloyds and Barclays to name a few.

Asset financing can be a helpful option for many businesses, but it’s all about working out what’s right for your business. That’s where we can help. Our experts are here to answer any questions you might have, so please get in touch with us today on 01202 937880 to find the best financing option for your business.


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